Holiday Dinner Recipes

Hello Friends!

Can you believe it’s a week until Christmas?!

Since I won’t be making a big holiday dinner this year, I thought I’d share some of my favorite recipes with you!

Prime rib has always been one of my favorite things to cook (and eat). Creamed corn is my favorite side dish. I couldn’t honestly live off of creamed corn everyday. Doesn’t this sound like a Lawry’s dinner to you? Did you know that they share their recipes online?

I mostly followed their recipe for the prime rib last year but I added crushed garlic to the mix.

I’ve always used their recipe for the creamed corn. Haven’t found one better! Of course, I subbed it for gluten free flour.

Prime rib with twice baked potatoes

Then there’s potatoes. Last year, I tried something different and did twice baked potatoes following Ree Drummond’s recipe and it was a big hit!

For vegetables, I usually opt for a green bean casserole. Recipe courtesy of Campbell’s. I did make my own air fried gluten free onions last year because I couldn’t find any in store.

Can’t forget the Yorkshire pudding! I followed the Lawry’s recipe and subbed it for gluten free flour and it worked just fine!

My favorite desserts to bake are a Apple Blackberry Pie and a Gluten Free Berry Crisp!

And there you have it! While I wish I can cook up a big feast for my family and friends this year, we are holding off until next holiday season for obvious reasons. It’ll be that much sweeter!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Feel free to link your favorite holiday recipes in the comments below!


Author: Darling My Dearest

I dabble in many things from crafting to cooking to CrossFit to traveling (because of work). I’ve created this space to share with you my experiences and current/past projects. I hope you find inspiration in what I share (or just make fun of it on your time, but do keep your mean comments to yourself)!

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